Clubnight for Adults with Learning Disabilities

The final Under One Roof of 2019 takes place at YES on Thursday 17th October, with Homoelectric’s Gina Breeze and JOY SOCIAL’s Oldboy.

Under One Roof is a club-night for adults with learning and physical disabilities who feel otherwise unable to attend clubbing events in Greater Manchester. Founded by Alice Woods, who is one-quarter of the team behind techno stalwart, Meat Free, it was started in order to open up Manchester’s dancefloors and create a safe, welcoming environment for adults who otherwise felt unable or were physically blocked from attending any of the city’s many raves. Following two years of accessible raving in the city, this year sees the initiative move to Liverpool and Glasgow, with the help of Becca Frankland from Cherry Mango (Liverpool) and Jonathan Dawson from SWG3 (Glasgow).

Founder, Alice said:
“For many the lack of physical access to clubs or overwhelming new environments, and in some cases verbal abuse, means that there is a whole portion of society who are currently missing out on clubbing. This doesn’t just mean missing out on music, but missing out important opportunities to socialise and make friends, that most of us take for granted.”

The party has seen the likes of Ben Pearce, DJ Seinfeld, Greg Wilson and JG Wilkes from Optimo grace the decks alongside each of the city’s finest talents. The event is open to all and everyone welcomed, but designed for those with learning and physical disabilities in mind. The venues used are all fully accessible for wheelchairs and the capacity of the event kept lower than normal to allow for more space for dancing, and because some of the ravers will be experiencing a club environment for the first time. Attendees can however, expect dance music and flashing lights – giving the full rave experience.

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