Social 2030 in Manchester

Social 2030 is back in the Northern Quarter for a night of music, drink and new friends, a guaranteed way to give you that social boost. The night returns on the 14th of October, at the brand new Library Bar in the Northern Quarter, a quirky, dog-friendly cocktail bar in the heart of the Manchester.

The event is free for anyone, you just have to be aged between 20-39.
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The event is set to kickoff at 7:30pm with a night full of socialising and partying into the early hours. Attendees arrive and are welcomed, given a glow in the dark wristband, and introduced to event-goers, including some of the regulars. Most attendees come alone and some come in a small group.

“What an awesome night. Didn’t for a second feel like I came alone. Everyone was so nice. If you’re alone and thinking of coming to the next event, I would definitely say give it a go.” – Lauretta

Social 2030 was Founded to help anyone who is new to the city or stuck without a social life to meet new people. With support from their 1300 growing members and local venues, they’ve begun to really pave the way in helping people who are new to the city or are looking to socialise.

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Images credit: Bloo88