The State of Us – LAST CHANCE TO SEE

An exhibition that explores manipulation of the body – from the grotesque to the beautiful – closes at The Lowry in Salford on Sunday 23 February, making this weekend your last chance to marvel at the creations. Think Terminator meets Damien Hirst!

The State of Us features a collection of work by ten international artists that have experimented with the body and technology to transform, manipulate, reinvent or reshape how we see and understand ourselves. It is weird and fascinating, but definitely one you don’t want to miss.

The exhibition features work that has been loaned from galleries in Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Philippines, Russia, the UK and the USA. Whilst some of the instillation dissect the human form as we know it, others look at the future and imagine what we might become. Whether it is growing a human hand; a series of airport body scans that try to identify threats; or a sculpture that uses fake human blood to create electricity, these imaginative artists have created another way to look at our bodies and minds.

Entry is free.