Love From A Stranger on Stage

Cecily Harrington is swept off her feet and recklessly abandons her old life to settle in a remote cottage.Agatha Christie’s Love From A Stranger directed by Lucy Bailey comes to The Lowry, Manchester from Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th July.

The Fiery Angel and Royal & Derngate Northampton production has the seal of approval from Agatha Christie’s great grandson James Prichard who said,
“What Lucy (Bailey) has done… has opened up the eyes of the theatre world. There is now an air of confidence that modern audiences will enjoy these brilliant productions.”

‘Love From A Stranger’ is a whirlwind romance. When a handsome and charming stranger sweeps Cecily Harrington off her feet, she recklessly abandons her old life to settle in the remote and blissful surroundings of a country cottage. But is her newfound love all that he seems?

James who is also CEO of Agatha Christie Ltd said about his grandmother
“She was incredibly interested in people. If she was in a restaurant she would be listening to every conversation around her. She has an incredibly unfair reputation for creating cardboard cut-out characters. She realised what makes people tick. She explored it to the extremes. In her view all of us could really be a murderer. What she’s exploring is what tips people to that point. I refer to her as a genius because I think she was one. We’ve got recordings of her dictating the books. It’s like an audiobook. She could speak these books fully formed from her head without pausing, without making mistakes.”

Electric with suspense and with a shocking twist, ‘Love From A Stranger’ is a rarely seen thriller by the UK’s greatest crime writer and is rediscovered in this brand new production by Lucy Bailey designed by Mike Britton.