Crystal Maze Manchester adds 20 new game experiences

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in Manchester has launched 20 brand new games to help celebrate 30 years since the start of the craze that started with the popular TV show in the 1990s.

The famous room to room run that could really be walked


With escape rooms and live experiences all the rage at the moment, Crystal Maze can proudly boast to be the longest running of the sort in Manchester.

These exciting new challenges have been added to the four original themed adventure zones (Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic), to complement the existing games on offer. New games include: Crossbow Castle, in the Medieval zone – the ultimate new skills-based challenge where you have to be a crack shot to release the crystal from the castle; and Crack The Safe, a mathematical mental-based challenge in the Industrial zone. In the Aztec zone you will find Hoopla, Eggy Swamp and Basketball, whilst in the Futuristic zone, Lab Accident is a new  clue trail mystery game. 

You’re getting on my wick!

In addition to the 20 new games, the 11 popular original challenges have been refreshed with brand new gameplay and scenery, meaning there are now 31 mental, skill, mystery and physical challenge games to play. 

Just roll with it

Be among the first to play the incredible new games. Ticket prices start from £29.99.