RuPaul meets Shakespeare

Shakespeare arguably led the way in creating drag acts on stage, but not quite in the way that you’ll see in Queer Lady M, which comes to the Waterside theatre in Sale on 29 February.

The 1623 Theatre Company production’s newest show combines drag and Shakespeare to explore the real-life experiences of working-class, gender-fluid artist Shane Gabriel (Funny Girls) and his battle with identity, anxiety, isolation and finding strength from within. It follows Shane, who is lonely, lost and has been stood up and focuses on his life-long obsession with Lady Macbeth, who he turns to channel his inner Queen strength.

The question is: how far can becoming your idol help you find yourself when you’re anxious and alone?

Expect outrageous lip-syncing, cheeky dancing, and sassy conversation as Queer Lady M invites you to enter a world of passion and shade.

Tickets from £10.