OUT.MCR Review: Hotel Gotham, Manchester

The King of King Street – Hotel Gotham

  • Name: Hotel Gotham
  • Location: 100 King St, Manchester M2 4WU

If there is anywhere more perfectly boutique than Gotham, I certainly haven’t seen it and I am not sure I want to, such is my love for this fantastic hotel. Sitting at the top of King Street is no mean feat and standing out from the fantastic array of former banks that are undoubtedly the grandest buildings within our city falls, has never been done so well.

The thing about Gotham is that every room from the most basic Club rooms (which are astronomically far from basic) feel as if they were meticulously planned over countless sleepless nights. Everything just seems so right about this hotel that it really could never go wrong. With a slice of 50 shades and the feel of a sordid Weeknd song, the black leather-clad walls of the inner sanctum rooms, hold secrets that the city daren’t whisper, Yet they seem to bleed into your surroundings in flashes of luxurious purple and turquoise.

Upon entry, the bell-boy will ferry your bags while you are left to wander on alone. I feel like this is done not only for your comfort but also to allow you to soak in the pure decadence of the place. From the brass of the antiquated luggage trolleys to the ornate paintings each a little more brilliant than the last, Gotham oozes class from every pore, and while you’re here, you do too. Sometimes it’s good to go just a little bit Gatsby, am I right?

The majesty of the hallways are what give this whole building a particularly seductive feel, it’s almost as if you know things you probably shouldn’t simply by hanging around the place. Brass, the rooftop bar offers a view of Manchester which I wholeheartedly don’t believe can be beaten. There’s something truly warming about a bar which feels archaic in comparison with the hoards of glass and stainless steel littered around the city. What’s more, it’s totally private, so other than the few select members and the residents staying within the hotel, you have your space. It is a great place to sip on something strong, preferably from a cut-glass tumbler, and relax.

The King of King Street, Hotel Gotham, is unimaginably cool. And is without any shadow of a doubt one of my favourite hotels…anywhere. So, take a look inside this dark and debaucherous treasure chest, see what secrets begin to unravel.

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