OUT.MCR Review: Umezushi, Manchester

When eating in Manchester, Umezushi seems the perfect place to start

  • Name: Umezushi 
  • Location: 4, Mirabel St, Manchester M3 1PJ
  • Type of food: Sashimi, sushi and tempura, plus sake and tasting menus.


Since I first started writing reviews on places to go, moments to savour, and the people to soak in those fleeting memories with, one question has always seemed to come up in conversation. So…where is the best place to eat in Manchester?

It would be a lie if I said I could remember each meal with complete clarity and I certainly haven’t tried every dish on offer, but I suppose that’s what makes somewhere truly great, the ability to stay front and centre in the memory. When answering this question I will always divide opinion because I know that stepping entirely out of your comfort isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is sushi. That being said, Umezushi, is, in my opinion, the culinary stand-out when it comes to our magical city.

So…what can you expect?

The unexpected…from the very start! Situated on Mirabel Street, nestled unnoticed behind what will eternally be called the M.E.N to us Mancs. What happens inside this tiny industrial unit is nothing short of breathtaking. The traditional Japanese decor and theme are something to expect throughout, from the selection of beers and wines to the sushi you’re about to fall in love with, Umezushi leaves no stone unturned. Without a single eye-catching water feature or indoor botanical of any kind, this truly* is the real thing.


What makes it so special?

Well…inside the modest aesthetic of Umezushi lives food, the quality of which is genuinely difficult to find. It leaves sushi lovers and virgins alike, craving for more of its high-quality cuts of fish and effortlessly morish rolls. Each time I visit I find myself ordering ‘just one more plate’ as if to delay my departure, although once you visit you’ll understand why.


Suggestions, please?

When it comes to the rolls, go for a selection! It really is the best way to work out what flavours you enjoy the most and of course which if any the least. The 16 piece sushi selection will give you more than enough food for thought. Personally, the salmon and avocado uramaki pictured are as fresh and cleansing to the palette as humanly possible and almost certainly require an extra plate. Finally, where can I start with the Octopus sashimi, well quite honestly I don’t know how something so simple has become my favourite thing to eat, but it has…and by some way too!

Also as a beer drinker, I would recommend the Coedo, Japanese craft beer at its absolute finest! It’s light and somewhat punchy flavour completes the fish fantastically and fits in with the idea that you can NEVER eat too much sushi!

The intimacy and affordability of Umezushi when twinned with the simply irresistible food are what makes this hidden gem a crowd pleasure of epic proportions.


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