OUT.MCR Review: Dakota, Manchester

The New Kid On The Block – Hotel Dakota

  • Name – Dakota Hotel
  • Location – 29 Ducie St, Manchester M1 2JL

The first thing I loved about Dakota is how unassumingly brilliant it is from outside, looking wholly like something designed by Batman is actually just where this fantastic hotel starts. Upon entering the dimly lit bar which sprawls out in front of you offers a secretive veil to the opulence that lives inside. You soon realise that this hotel is dark for a reason, and that reason is that the grandeur alone would be blinding against any other canvas.


The monochrome and brass fixtures and fittings scream Mayfair and that is exactly what this hotel aims to bring to Manchester. The whole room carries panache and delicacy in equal measure, and that is something I truly adore. Would I say that Dakota is influencer friendly? No, no I wouldn’t, I can already envision people scrambling for the perfect lighting and back-drop. The true brilliance of this hotel is that it’s the right fit for everyone. For those who want to hide away from the garish lights of the big city and to protect the sanctity of their sleep, and enjoy complete comfort and luxury.

Within the magical maze of monochrome, I sampled a number of the fabulous drinks from the cocktail menu, which was vast enough to offer all of the classics and a few contemporary twists, but not too vast to be over facing. A quote from my favourite author Scott F Fitzgerald helped to set the scene…”Here’s to alcohol, the rose coloured glasses of life.” 

So what should you pick? 

Well obviously go with what suits your taste, half fuelled by nostalgia and half by the grandeur of this fantastic hotel, I would say my favourite was the ‘Would I lychee you baby?’ A mix of Tanqueray 10, Rose & Lychee Briottet. It was smooth, light and deliciously moreish despite the ever-present bite of gin.

However, in equal measure, I adored the ‘Rhubarb Rhubarb’ A concoction of Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger, Aperol, Lemon juice & foamer. Once breaking through the foamer, the drink tasted like a trip through childhood as the components mixed perfectly to taste just like those Rhubarb and Custard hard boiled sweets. 

Beyond the wonderful cocktails and elegant decor runs an extravagant undercurrent highlighted by a champagne lounge and cigar terrace attached to the main bar. The warm autumnal evening offered an atmosphere to the cigar terrace which wasn’t only fueled by the spontaneity and paraphernalia of smoking cigars. Although the show, the song and the dance were still in full swing at some of the tables adjacent. 

The Grand Deluxe Suite is penned as the best room in the whole of the city. Offering both indoor and outdoor space on the top floor of the hotel is something you rarely see within Manchester With far-reaching views and designated dining room, lounge and terrace area, this suite really lives up to the billing.

Dakota is undoubtedly a stunning addition to our fabulous city, offering something totally different from what we have seen previously. 


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