OUT.MCR Review: Albert’s Schloss, Manchester

Dinner Party Debauchery  – Albert’s Schloss

  • Name – Albert’s Schloss
  • Location – 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR

Everyone’s favourite venue is bringing something very different this festive period.

It feels like Albert’s Schloss has been a staple of Manc nightlife for as long as I can remember. The vast Bavarian bier castle is and always has been, an enjoyable night on the tiles. Such is its reputation that the often long queues, hiding from the Manchester rain beneath the canopies are an almost certainty come the weekend.

This winter comes the arrival of the aptly named Albert’s Supper Klub, offering an immersive experience for parties up to 20 in size, where they experience a taste of secret society meets Bavarian beer house feast, with a splash of madness thrown in there for good measure.


To start all guests are served the Haus Pretzel, which comes with deliciously moreish bier cheese, yes you heard that right…beer flavoured cheese. Accompanied by a Croquette Fest, which was a selection of what was most easily described as a german twist on arancini. You must be prepared to get your hands dirty, as the whole experience is presented as a sharing platter feast, with the platter serving 6 people. However, there are extra options available for vegetarians and vegans.

The main was a fully-fledged homage to the classic Bavarian bratwurst, igniting that Christmas market feeling within Manchester will always be a success and this platter did exactly that. With a gigantic pork knuckle, schnitzel, charred broccoli, german potato salad and truffle mash, there was in truth an abundance of food to dive headfirst into. The truffle mash, in particular, was fantastically creamy and was a brilliant foil for the sausage fest.

Dessert is served as mini black forest gateaux and mini banana and caramel cake, and if I am honest, even though they were only one bite they were more than enough, and if you wanted to slide a couple in your pocket for later, there was plenty to spare. 

The Supper Klub is a fantastically fun and stomach-filling experience and it isn’t without its fair share of laughs along the way. During the night expect to be joined by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert himself in his very own house of debauchery. The characters host the night and offer brilliant bits of historical knowledge and humour and in equal measure some horrendously cringe-worthy jokes.


The whole experience takes place behind closed curtains and away from prying eyes, making it perfect for an office Christmas party or large family gathering. So what more is there to say? It’s just one of Manchester’s favourite places, doing, even more, to keep the queues coming.


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